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February 03, 2011


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Price Comparison

I think the main reason why E-Commerce has become popular today is because it allows business transactions to be carried out easily with the use of computers and internet. People can buy or sell online at a single click of the mouse.

ecommerce shop

thanks for this post, Ecommerce is gaining global growth and it is not likely to be hindered or stopped by anything as it has firmly fixed its roots. There has been great amount of increase in online retail generating millions of dollars in revenue.

ecommerce shop

Ecommerce marketing is also a tougher process to carry out. It is all about attracting customers to your ecommerce website. Ecommerce website should possess all the necessary features such as hosting, shopping cart, credit card processing, and payment gateway integration. nice post..


adam wohl

Very considerate look at where this can all lead. I think there's no doubt a digital or mobile positive, personalized experience is more precious to the younger generation than the older, who value personal interaction more. But when it comes to digital, brands must be wary of coddling the customer; the same annoying feeling a shopper gets from a Gap sales person who accosts them the second they cross the threshold into the physical store is present when Gap bombards them with a mass of emails throughout a week, counting down the days that percentages off retail are expiring like an exclusive quart of milk. Check my post at http://adamwohl.com/ to see more of my thoughts if you like. Really great stuff here, Scott.

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