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February 01, 2011


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The fact is that less and less users are becoming interested in branded content that don't add anything to their lives. The phenomenon of "this is awesome and i'm awesome for sharing it" is spreading in amazing speed and suddenly nobody wants to relate their profile, their words, their statements (etc), with something, some product, some brand, that is just no that cool.

So, the challenge is, how to keep people interested in "liking" your brand or your values so that smart initiatives such as Sponsored Stories have a shot on a future.

Good post, I specially like the title, it hooked me in!


As a facebook user, I'd want to get paid. If I am allowing Facebook to use my information to sell, and make money off it, I feel like I should get a part of the profit.
While it is an extremely clever concept, privacy is a huge problem and the fact that facebook users don't get anything from it might raise some issues-- I wonder if anyone will start a petition of sorts to stop this.

Susan allport

Great post, wonder if this will eventually impact on sponsorship deals!

I know I'd prefer to see my mate in an ad than Cheryl Cole :)



This is a good educational read for a dummy like me. Thanks for posting.

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