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January 06, 2011


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In a few months there will be 2 more to add to the list, HP's Palm based tablet and RIM's Playbook added to the iPad and the countless Android based ones. The issue on what to build for is a balance between apps and web and the pros and cons of doing each.

For news and such apps may transition to the web where accessibility remains high . It may be a question of site optimization based on the device you are using more than anything else.

The best apps are usually games and it will all be about the largest user base and most consistent developing environment and right now that playing field is one aka the iPad. Android is great but with so many devices and capabilities your mileage will very.


The tablet as a medium opens up huge advertising opportunities - if there ever was a way to do fully interactive advertising this is definitely it. Being able to embed video and games into what looks like a print ad and allow for potentially unlimited interactivity is very exciting, creative opportunities are endless.

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