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December 30, 2010


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Randall Beard

Scott - Yes, I agree that context is becoming more important, particularly as overall media consumption increases. Context is also important in traditional advertising, including TV. As consumers consume more media and multi-task across platforms, it will be more important than ever for Marketers to understand both viewer engagement with programming and also the impact of cross platform viewership and usage. And yes, this includes the interaction of TV and social media. So, yes think context in 2011--but think about it across teh entire marketing mix and not just sponsorships. Randall

Marcelo Di Franco

Scott, great post!

I agree. In the era of movements context is important.
And the Times Square's strict rules that the brands be relevant to the occasion make context increasingly king in breaking through to people.

However, I'm not so sure about Mastercard being an excellent example of context, just because they are donating money for every transaction made in Times Square.
If a location-based-promotion is enough to make Mastercard relevant for this event, then many other brands and stores could claim the same relevancy.

Nivea is a great example, not because of Times Square, but because of the nature of the event: it's cold and there will be some kissing. And that makes Nivea uniquely relevant to this event, something that Mastercard can't claim just for a location-based donation to charity.

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