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November 05, 2010


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spot on Scott, good work.
a common question we get asked is 'how can we build a community around the brand?'
This is, of course, the wrong question.
The right question is 'how do we build our brand around a community'.

Zach K

nice one - i believe the real challenge for brands is an ongoing commitment to the movement. Fickleness and "messaging" priorities always seem to get in the way of an authentic connection to cultural movements.

Mark lester

Great post Scott, I too think that understanding how influence spreads and how to help it along will become increasingly important in marketing.

Here’s a short piece with a view on the fundamental characteristics of movements http://bit.ly/brHQTX

Umar Ghumman

Great Post Scott. I think its easier said than done, I think starting a movement IS about authenticity and relevance. I hope this approach doesn't get eroded or saturated with simply "bring back this" and bring back that" type of campaigns.

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