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June 29, 2010


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Seems to me that Bogusky is thinking in terms of how a brand can benefit from this situation, rather than actually solving the complete mess that is choking our cities. And at that I agree with a lot of what he's saying: A car with cameras and connected to my webplaces, no doubt in my mind whatever brand who jumps on that first (pray they do it right) will sell a lot of cars.

As for the problem of CO2 emissions, traffic and all the other car related agonies, I think we only can benefit from the car losing it's top rank over things we can't live without. I think we're slowly, collectivly realizing that we can live without a car. At least most of the time. And as more people are making the move to urban centers, more people will realize this.

I've had the great luck the last three-four years to live in some of the greatest cities in the world, each for as little as three months or longer, up to a year, including Paris, New York, Oslo, Hamburg and Amsterdam. And not only did I not miss a car, I would have concidered it great torture having one. Of course I have rented, borrowed or gotten a ride at times. But only so rarely it hardly demanded the need of owning one.

At any expense global warming, traffic et al. are not problems for car companies to solve. It will be up to cities and governments to greatly improve public transport, make car-free city centers (imagine that!) and other smart measures urban planners will figure out. And then the role of the car companies will be easy ("easy"): to adapt. The Henry Ford quote is shite anyway.

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