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September 15, 2009


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Rachel Balik

Hello Scott,

This idea of social media as a cultural movement has interested me for some time--thanks for bringing it up here. To me, the greatest thing about social media is that for the first time since Weimar-era Germany, art, politics and business are all conversing on the same platform.

What this means is that we are approaching a moment when the confluence of these methodological streams will enable remarkable conversation and potential for cross-influence.

In terms of Sophie's upcoming speech, I'd like to draw your attention to two cultural movements, via the articles below.

Amazon Fail is a Twitter Success: http://www.findingdulcinea.com/news/entertainment/2009/april/Amazonfail-Is-a-Twitter-Success.html

Gay Rights in the Mainstream Media; Gay Rights in the Twitter Stream:

These are both articles of mine, and subjects I'm passionate about. It's thrilling to see that they fit in with the ideology of an agency like yours. Thanks.

Rachel Balik


On the point of all media being social. Interesting that Elisabeth Murdoch is setting up a new company that will look at how TV and social media can both benefit each other http://bit.ly/lJMPb.

There is an ever growing link between TV and social media, the twitter bubbles on the VMAs and a lot of activity Living TV in the UK are doing is based in this space, making TV a social media - for example - the wedding rater - http://www.livingtv.co.uk/shows/four-weddings/online-predictor-game.php

Hope this helps

chris taciuk

how about this?


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