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June 04, 2009


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Bjorn S.

So the pre-launch was talking to the scion culture, designing the crest elements and letting the scion guys play around with it? And the launch was opening up the website to everyone, or was it somehow bigger (traditional advertising?) or based on the word of mouth thing you already had going within the scion culture?

Since you were aiming at excisting scion drivers I guess much traditional advertising is aiming way to wide, but I read in an interview were you described the launch as a "big launch" and I wonder if you were referring just to launching the website or if it was something else.

Brett T. T. Macfarlane

Yes, and yes.

It at times seems trite when saying it's always about ideas, and yes ideas need to innately live within the delivery medium, but without a great idea the delivery mechanism is meaningless. Has the big idea shifted from an idea that convinces someone to an idea that make someone care about you. This stuff now commonly known as social media, only covers a limited slice of social conversation. I love the idea of social ideas and interpret this to mean an idea that can be observed spreading through "social media" but is also interesting enough for people to talk about over diner, in the elevator or during a golf game. You know, any time someone it acting socially.

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