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May 05, 2009


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Greg Wood

Scott - great post. We are in the middle of defining brand new roles in the social media space. My company has landed a few social media agency of record and many more in the pipeline. If the fundamentals of social media are to activate and prove your brand through conversations and short, frequent bits of content that live all over the web and on mobile devices then it requires a complete dismantling of the traditional agency model. The heritage and history of agencies was built upon the fact that it is expensive and hard for companies to communicate to their target market. One-way communications for the most part. Disciplines and approaches were created. Planners (what is that one insight that will resonate), CD's - in order to break through we have to craft brilliant, stand out creative products (that cost a fortune), media planning and implementation, production experts, and on and on. No judgment here, big agencies did very well with this model but the world is changing very quickly and big expensive mass communications will continue to decline while quick, frequent micro communications / conversations will continue to rise. We live in interesting times.


Nice post.
As a Web Agency in Brazil, we have been noticing a shift on the way the Advertising Agencies are dealing with digital media.
Used to be that they would call a free-lancer or webdesign firm and just say - "Here. We have this campaign, and we created this layout, now you code the website. Thanks. Goddbye."...

Lately, we started to get calls from the agencies requesting our presence in the briefing meetings (!!!!), and actualy making us part of the creative process. It seems that some agencies are realizing that if you dont know the notes, you won´t make music, simple as that.

Let´s see what the future will bring us.



do you think people can come from current roles in the industry and adapt to these roles. If so which ones to which. Or what personality or working traits do you think are needed for each that could be taken from the current set


nice post!

Nick Darken : Albion London

Great post Scott. Totally agree with the main thrust of your post on evolution and creation of roles. It's a very exciting time. I would however disagree that the "Idearator" is a role that agencies must create. I think placing these responsibilities in one role runs counter to what the industry at large needs. 95% of creatives think in one dimension, 95% of planners only want to write a great brief, 95% of web developers and tech guys are waiting for an idea to develop. The future is ideas that are born from anywhere within an agency, nurtured without ego by people focused on flushing out innovation from across their company. Suggesting that one person should have this role is just rebadging "creative" or worse still, letting creatives off the hook so they can continue the pursuit of writing linear one off bits of film or print.


Who knows, maybe "advertising" will be replaced with "communicating" :D

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