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March 26, 2009


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- a graduate of anthony's from 1996

great post anthony.
your passion never fizzles, does it? it only gets more and more and more electric over the years.
the one thing i like to add to this is what you taught me in one of your earlier classes in 1994. that is that we are the architects of our own destiny. when we want something, we have to envision exactly what we want. then with our hearts we have to lust after. and then do some physical work to make it happen. with that simple recipe we can achieve anything we want in this world. thanks for being there to support my vision. feeding my passion. and always pushing me with the work. there should be more teachers, more creative directors, more clients and more parents like you.

Andrew McMillen

Fantastic article, thanks for sharing!


And they have to be willing to walk Zorro...

Ryan Thomas

Anthony is an amazing man, thanks for highlighting his commitment to giving back to the next generation of advertisers. I count him not as simply a teacher and mentor but as a friend.

Andy Askren

Absolutely so well put. Everything, to the letter. This needs to be shared on a massive scale. Thanks Scott for sharing it here.

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