September 28, 2008


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Chris Grayson

In the late 80s-early 90s Interview really had its second life, full swing revival (or maybe it just seemed that way, due to my age and discovery). I still have several late 80s issues of Interview (I'm a magazine whore... even as I work in "online," I still am). From the late 80s into the to mid 90s was a great era for magazines, perhaps the best. Macs and Desktop publishing made the tools of production more readily available than ever, lowering the barrier to entry, but web based media had not yet come along to take away their business model. I have single issues of some magazines from that era that are incredible, ones I'd never heard of and rarely saw again. There was just an explosion. I would hang out at the magazine store (sometime I still do) and just pour over what new magazines had hit the racks each week. What an era for print. And so many oversized publications- Detour, when it was still a local LA pub printed in black and white (on really heavy paper), FAD out of San Francisco, Ocean Drive when it was just a local Miami glossy. And Metropolis was a huge oversized magazine, it was like 18 inches!! And in the mid-to-late 80s when "W" was still printed full-color in unbound newspaper size! But I digress.

Interview hasn't been on my radar for a while either. So it's been eight months now since Baron took over. I'm still on the fence about the logo redesign. I'll see what he's done with it come September, when he's had a year to fully make it over. His furniture line for Cappellini is really sharp.


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