April 17, 2008


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This is an interesting argument similar to one I've had with collegues and friends in the past, regarding push and pull television, I believe that when presented with infinite choices we tend to stick with the same old same old, rather than risk our precious time on something we may not like.

People often act like sheep when presented with choice and follow where others have already gone i.e. the "most popular" option. I think for this reason people seem to prefer to have entertainment pushed to them, it takes the hassle of choice out of their lives.

It also harder to critize if our own choices do turn out to be wrong. I may be being overly negative but I think people are a marketers dream because they also like to be told what they like ("what's hot and what's not?") make your own mind up - I'm sure you'll be glad you did.

Dion Hughes

nice post, and great observation of something very simple and familiar. it's always been so. i wouldn't kiss goodbye the blockbuster spot, though. in fact, there's a decent argument to be made, not just for the continuing power of television, but for upping the ante ie if you're going to play, play big or go home.
it's appropriate, though, that human nature gave birth to advertising... it will naturally lead us to the answers.
here's a post i wrote that's related: the origins of what it is we do for a crust...


Marshall McLuhan talked about the inevitable conclusion for technology over humans.

There's an interesting article from wired over here too:


I'm still optimistic for the human spirit though!

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