March 28, 2008


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Kavita Shah

Hi Scott,
This is a great post!! I met up with the NanhiKali/ Mahindra folks in Mumbai this week and that's how I got directed to your blog and the Facebook group. We are trying to promote the NK website and this wonderful cause in the US and I would love to get your feedback or ideas! How has your experience with NK been so far?

Kavita Shah

Hi Scott,

Great post! I joined your Facebook group and it indeed is very inspiring and encouraging for Indians. I hope we can all work towards making a big difference in the life of these underpriveleged NanhiKali's.

Glad you enjoyed your trip to Mumbai. I met with Gauri and the rest of the Mahindra team during my visit to Mumbai and it was great! I would love to get in touch with you to see what ideas/suggestions you may have for promoting this cause in the US.


Gaurav Mehta

Hi Scott,

We 5 friends in Boston who have been supporting this cause for a few years but decided to promote NanhiKali in a big way since the start of this year. As a starting step we created a Facebook group - http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=8993284626 and forcing our close buddies first to sponsor a girl. We are in the process of organizing a fund-raiser whose proceeds will go to the organization. Please let us know if you have ideas/suggestions for the fund-raiser or anything in general for this purpose.

Feel free to join the group on FB.

Gaurav Mehta

Hey Scott,

We are a bunch of 5 friends from Boston who have decided to spread a word and raise money for the NanhiKali organization.

Just like you we have a NanhiKali group on Facebook itself http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=8993284626 and this group has grown to over 350 people in just 2 months time.

We are planning to have some kind of Fund Raiser as well in summer. Please let me know if you have ideas and how we can champion this cause to people in the States.


love this idea. My only question is how do you check into their financials to make sure it's all going to help? I only give to organizations where I can look at their record (some charities are not good at using the money or may even funnel money so it's good to be prudent).

I can't find them on Charity nav or Give.org...



I'd love to help though.

Sally Hogshead

Scott, what an incredibly powerful post. Thank you for reminding us that some forms of social media are more important than others.

Sally Hogshead

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