May 17, 2007


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feng shui expert

Thats true you can have feng shui marketing to reduce stress. To make your mind calm and your body relaxed it's always a best thing to clear the clutter in all the rooms. If you are looking forward to reduce stress, a lot of innovative procedures can be implemented. Most important thing you should do is to apply Feng Shui where ever it is necessary in a creative manner and should follow all the tips you have learnt and then you can easily reduce the stress with Feng Shui.

feng shui

That sounds great and very interesting too.
As you can see, Feng Shui is a simple method which you can use to increase your health and wellbeing. All it takes is a simple knowledge of the principles in which this lifestyle is powered by, and you are sure to optimize your potential for success in this area!



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Authentic feng shui is more than 6,000 years old. Archeological evidence shows it started with astronomy and siting buildings for solar gain.

McFengshui, is more what you are talking about in this article.



I've thought about addressing advertising in a similar way, advertising by design.

And by design, I don't just mean graphic design, I mean design in the more holistic sense. Or at least my interpretation of design = aesthetically solving a problem, or form and function that solves a problem aesthetically.

The chair that I am sitting in helps me sit and at the same time adds something to the office environment that in theory, helps the environment. So why can't that be applied to advertising/marketing?

I haven't quite put my finger on it, but my gut tells me there is something more to this idea. If everything we (ad folks) do is "designed", it will always have form, function and aesthetics at some level.

In some ways, Feng Shui is a form of design (forgive me a bit here, I'm just started to dive into the design world). Which this type of design may be better suited for this product, while another type of design would be for this product etc.

The reason I think that your idea of Feng Shui or ad by design philiosphy will work is a couple of reasons.

1) Consumers have started to taste higher levels of design in the daily life more and more every day. They are getting used to the idea that they should have design

2) Consumers are smarter than maybe we give them credit for. They know what "marketing/advertising" is. Which they are getting numb to it. Design, in theory, would help them solve their purchase problems, and make them feel good about it.

So, these are just my early morning coffee ramblings. Be happy to chat this up/explore the idea more.


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