March 05, 2007


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Wow thank for writing this article, it was really interesting! I think we need to talk about new things like this more often. I hope you keep writing like this.


thank so much.


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Rerto Jordans

thanks for making the pattern available so quickly. hmmm, maybe i can re-prioritize some projects. who am i fooling? i'm going to go buy more yarn. :)

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Gavin Heaton

Hey Scott ... you didn't happen to have this as a slideshare presentation did you? It would be great to hear your voice in there.


Missed the Future Marketing Summit but glad I caught this post. Very smart and well put together. Love the idea of the new world model.

Austin Kronig

This is great. I think you really ought to submit this presentation/model as a manifesto on ChangeThis! It would definitely add value to your ideas and your agency.

Check it out:

Let me know if I can be of any help.

Lionel David

Hello Scott, I'm really proud that you will mention us as a "crucial" trend to open such summit. Thanks a lot for that --> http://www.crowdspirit.org/2007/03/05/ceo-of-strawberry-frog-speaks-about-crowdspirit/

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